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Greywater Reuse on our Gardens


We can never have enough water. Many of us enjoy our gardens, and love to grow plants, eat fresh fruit and vegetables, enjoy a nice herbal tea and just sit and admire the flowers, bees and butterflies. Our gardens really suffer in summer as they require a fair of amount of water just to survive, let alone thrive. more

How to Look After Your ATU


An ATU is also called an Aerated Wastewater Treatment Plant (AWTP) in Australia. These systems rely on different types of bacteria to digest your wastes and reduce the nutrient loading to such a degree that the treated effluent could then be discharged to irrigation. While they are a proven technology and generally work well, it is possible that problems arise – and these are most often caused by the particular cleaning products you use and what you put in the washing machine. more

The Earthen Path - Episode 4 - Dr Ross Mars A Journey into Permaculture, Greywater and Wastewater


Episode seven of the Earthen Path... Convenor Dr Ross Mars outlines some of the features and initiatives at the upcoming Australasian Permaculture Convergence 13.

He says the organisers want to be seen to "walk the walk, not just talk the talk".

The Earthen Path, Episode 4 - A Journey into Permaculture with Dr Ross Mars!!   more

Permaculture - Designing for a Sustainable Future


What permaculture is and what it is not; Permaculture deals with our existence on this planet and it encompasses many different aspects of this. Firstly, permaculture is about producing edible landscapes, mirroring the natural ecosystems in their diversity and production. Permaculture is primarily a design system.  more

Benefits of Rainwater Tanks


Have you noticed how, in recent years, our rainfall patterns and our climate are changing? This is all part of a larger global picture, but we all need to plan for changes happening locally. As we continue to experience tighter water restrictions and rising costs, maybe its time to consider installing rainwater tanks. The average home could easily harvest 100,000 L each year from their roof, and this water can be used to offset the water budget for your home.  more

Top 20 Ways to Save Water


Everyone is aware of our need to conserve water and to become water-wiser. Water is one of our most precious resources and it makes sense that if we do what we can to save the water we have, it will go much further. One of the simplest ways we can all save water is by being more mindful of when and how we use water in our homes and backyards.  more

Sustainable Living


What is Sustainable Living and what constitutes Sustainable Living Practices? 

Sadly, Australians have a footprint of about 7 hectares (70,000 m2) while developing countries such as India and China have footprints of about 2 ha. Sustainability is a term that describes how activities and the things we do today shouldn’t prevent future generations from meeting their needs as well. more

Being Waterwise in the Garden


Designing your home's irrigation system to be waterwise would not only conserve water but also save you money on your next water bill. Approximately 100 kilolitres a year can be saved by replacing 100 m2 of well maintained turf with paving or synthetic grass, or 50 kilolitres a year by replacing this area with a waterwise garden.  more


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