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In non-sewered areas, septic tanks systems were once the norm. As more Councils require stringent effluent discharge quality, the installation of aerobic treatment units (ATUs) is steadily increasing. These whole-house systems treat all wastes to a secondary standard and the discharge water can then be used to irrigate gardens.

ATU’s are biological systems and they require servicing and maintenance by experienced, registered service technicians. Furthermore, pumps and blowers use electricity and occasionally need replacement. All of this adds on-going costs to the overall operation of the system, but up to 200,000L each year can be used to irrigate lawns and gardens. There are many types of ATUs in the marketplace, but typically they cost about $15,000 fully installed for a Residential Fuji Clean CE1500EX model.

We are one of the proud agents for the latest greywater and blackwater recycling (ATU) system, the Fuji Clean ATU Systems - Residential and Commercial models.With approval granted in Australia 2010, Fuji Clean is taking Australia by storm. We have had a lot of interest and sales of the Fuji Clean. This Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU) can only be installed in non-sewered areas such as in the hills and country WA.

With over 40,000 installations annually worldwide, we are confident that this system with it's smart Japanese design, long warranty, ease of maintenance and low operational costs will be a firm favourite for Australian families.

Dr Ross Mars has said, "This is one of the best combined recycling systems on the market, where you can re-use your kitchen, bathroom, laundry and toilet wastewater all via the one convenient system".

Residential - Fuji Clean CE1500EX

Hydraulic Loading - 1500L/day (10ep)

Residential Fuji Clean Brochure, Installation & Pricing Guide

Reliable High Performance

The CE-1500EX is our standard model and although it is small and compact, it's performance is extremely efficient and reliable and it produces a very high quality effluent.
CE-1500EX has a Peak-cut System which can effectively cope with shock loadings. The water level in the system varies according to the presence of any inflow or not.

Proven Design

With 50 years experience, Fuji Clean Co. Litd. is the leading manufacturer of high efficiency wastewater systems in Japan, manufacturing and installing in excess of 40,000 units per annum.

Easy Maintenance

The importance of maintenance to a system's ongoing functionality was a fact carefully considered during the initial conception and design of the CE-1500EX. This resulted in service procedures that are very simple.
The primary maintenance task is a manual back wash of the system which breaks up any heavy build up of bio-film growth on the contact media. This simply involves the turning of levers to concentrate and reverse the flow of air and water.

Lower Operational Costs

The Air Blower used in the CE-1500EX is the most energy efficient in it's class. It uses just 52 watts compared to 80 watts of other blowers. This results in much lower ongoing operational costs and makes the unit more environmentally friendly..

Manufacturers Warranty

15 years for tank, 2 years for electrical components

Commercial - Fuji Clean CE 4200 & 6000

The CE4200 is designed as a 21 EP system (based on 200L water consumption per person per day),
with a maximum hydraulic treatment capacity of up to 4200L/day.

The CE6000 is designed as a 30 EP system (based on 200L water consumption per person per day),
with a maximum hydraulic treatment capacity of up to 6000L/day. 

Commercial Fuji Clean Brochure

Proven design and Experience

With over 60 years of experience, Fuji Clean is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high efficiency wastewater treatment systems with over 2 million systems (both domestic and commercial) installed around the world.

Compact and Easy to install

This small, compact unit has been specifically designed using advanced Japanese engineering tools and technology to achieve maximum operational efficiency without leaving a large footprint on the environment.
Due to its light weight and compact design CE systems are extremely easy to freight and install.

Scalability and Adaptability

CE systems can be easily customised according to customer/site requirements.
CE systems can be installed easily at various different types of sites which are not connected to municipal sewage supply, including mining sites, caravan parks, resorts, remote islands, community housing and other such projects.

Reliable and robust with improved aesthetics

CE systems are extremely efficient and reliable and produces a very high quality of treated effluent. It has a ‘Peak-cut System’ which can effectively cope with shock loadings where the water level in the system varies in accordance with inflow.
CE systems are carefully designed to have the least impact on the environment with an appealing aesthetic appearance.

Easy Maintenance & Extensive Warranty

CE systems can be easily maintained with relatively simple service procedures resulting in trouble-free operation of the treatment system.
The system comes with an extensive manufacturers 5 years structural tank warranty and 2 years warranty on electrical components.

Environmentally advanced and Cost effective

CE systems are classified as Secondary treatment systems with nutrient reduction capabilities.
CE systems are extremely cost competitive with low operational overheads.

How do I look after my Aerobic Treatment Unit?

Click here to find out how to keep your system operating at peak condition.

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Service & Maintenance of Fuji Clean Systems

There is a legal requirement to have a written service agreement with an authorised service provider should you wish to get your Fuji Clean system serviced.

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