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Commercial Sewage Treatment Systems

Graf’s KLARO Commercial wastewater systems come in a range of options to suit site and client requirements. Options include modular, packaged, mobile and containerized solutions. All systems are tailored to actual operating flows and site conditions.

Graf's approach to wastewater is simple but steadfast.. Maximum operating reliability…. how do they achieve this?

All wastewater transfer processes take place through air-lift technology. The air supply is fed through membrane diffusion, which is mounted on stainless steel manifolds. All electrical parts are located outside the container in a secure control box. By reducing mechanical components we remove the incidence of failure.

Modular Systems 

Packaged Plug and Play (10 - 150 people)

Klaro Modular Systems are engineered to provide a packaged plug and play system using Graf’s Poly tanks to make installation easier, especially in remote locations.

System setup is site specific taking required effluent quality, peak flow and surrounding environmental considerations into calculation. 

SBR Wastewater Treatment Systems
Using Concrete tanks – above or below ground

Graf KLARO Retro Fit Modular Systems

German designed and built wastewater system

Assembled in locally made concrete tanks
10EP to 150EP or 2,000L/day to 25,000L/day

KLARO Retro Fit Systems using concrete tanks can help solve the logistics issues of larger systems by retrofitting systems closer to site. KLARO Systems use robust and reliable advanced SBR technology with maximum operating reliability our priority.

We achieve this in the following way…
  • We start with reliable & robust SBR technology – SBR is used by many councils & operators.
  • We develop the technology so we can remove pumps & mechanical components from the wastewater treatment – means less breakdowns.
  • Save on transport – we use flat packable GRAF tanks.
  • Pre-engineered and modularized design.
  • Low power use – 1.2kWh per 1,000L of treatment.
  • We introduce plug & play features like holiday mode & under load detection – this means your system can operate to actual site conditions, not just one size fits all like most systems available.
  • The system uses less power than most because air blowers don’t run all day & night
  • Parallel connection possible for larger daily flows of wastewater

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For absolute peace of mind the KLARO EPro15 is supported by the longest manufacturer’s warranty available.
15 years on our GRAF carat tank and 3 years on all other components in the system.

Consultations & Quotations

It is best to schedule an on-site consultation where you will receive site specific, one-on-one expert advice.  Click here >

~ Klaro installed at Mundaring Weir ~

Service & Maintenance of Graf Klaro

There is a legal requirement to have a written service agreement with an authorised service provider should you wish to get your Graf Klaro system serviced.

Please click here to download our Service Agreement Form and send to us.

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