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Fuji Clean CE1500EX

Residential, Domestic
Hydraulic Loading - 1500L/day (10ep) 

FujiClean’s CE-1500EX Aerated Wastewater Treatment System is our standard domestic model. Approved for use in all states of Australia! 
This system can treat up to 1500L per day (Equivalent to 10 persons).

The CE-1500EX’s reliable and energy efficient treatment performance sets it apart from all other systems. The compact single tank design simplifies installation and reduces initial costs, making it the popular choice among wastewater system installers and homeowners.

Residential Fuji Clean Brochure, Installation & Pricing Guide

Manufacturers Warranty

    • 15 years Structural tank warranty

    • 2 years Electrical Components

    Reliable High Performance

    The CE-1500EX is our standard model and although it is small and compact, it's performance is extremely efficient and reliable and it produces a very high quality effluent. CE-1500EX has a Peak-cut System which can effectively cope with shock loadings. 

    The water level in the system varies according to the presence of any inflow or not.

    Proven Design

    With 50 years experience, Fuji Clean Co. Litd. is the leading manufacturer of high efficiency wastewater systems in Japan, manufacturing and installing in excess of 40,000 units per annum.

    Easy Maintenance

    The importance of maintenance to a system's ongoing functionality was a fact carefully considered during the initial conception and design of the CE-1500EX. This resulted in service procedures that are very simple. The primary maintenance task is a manual back wash of the system which breaks up any heavy build up of bio-film growth on the contact media. 

    This simply involves the turning of levers to concentrate and reverse the flow of air and water.

    Lower Operational Costs

    The Air Blower used in the CE-1500EX is the most energy efficient in it's class. It uses just 52 watts compared to 80 watts of other blowers. This results in much lower ongoing operational costs and makes the unit more environmentally friendly.

    Quarterly Fuji Clean Service & Maintenance

    Click here for Fuji Clean Servicing Agreement Forms and Information.

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